One Day, One Photo

Humans like to reminiscence bout the past. Be it to recall sad or happy events, as a treasured memory with someone we love, we all have our ways to document our past. Diaries, journals, photos and even blogging. All these methods help us to reflect on our journey in life and help us to strive to make tomorrow a better day. And that happens to be one of the reason why i blog too.

I came across a very interesting website yesterday. My friend in Twitter shared it.

It's about this guy, his name is Jamie Livingston, and his hobby of snapping one Polaroid photo a day detailing the events of his life. He then would upload the picture to his website as a way to document his life, something like that. The pictures were dated from March 3rd, 1979 all the way to October 25th, 1997.
His first photo entry
Without fail, he would take one picture everyday using his camera. Then, it would be uploaded to his website, without words or any captions, just a date to accompany it. There were no contact info, no introduction and no other things in the website. Just plain photos and dates.

In total, he took a total amount of 6697 photos throughout an 18 year period. Every single day without fail during the 18 years. Kinda like me trying to update my blog once everyday. And definitely no easy feat, i would say. 6697 requires an enormous amount of discipline.

Sadly, the story did no end well for him. Around early 1997, a photo posted on the website shown him lying on the bed of a hospital.

It is not long before more photographs began to tell of what actually happened to him. Photos of a balding head and more hospital visits roughly indicate that he was diagnosed with cancer. And on October 25th, a last photo was posted up.

The last photo taken
After that, silence. No other photos were ever posted up after the last photo. The photographer had passed away. It came as a shock to many of his followers. A reminder for us treasure life as it is everyday, because you'll never know what will happen to you tomorrow. Leave no regrets, i'd say.

Looking back at all the photos on his website, one can see that his life was not wasted in anyway. Pictures of him happily with friends and doing the things he liked tells of a life well lived.

 Reading about his story gave me an inspiration to do the same thing.

I may not own a Polaroid camera, but my trusty old handphone camera can do the job just fine. Besides, like they say, picture speaks a thousand words. Perhaps in the future i can look back and the pictures and go, "Ah, those were the days". And who knows,  maybe i'll get famous too when i die.

For more info about the photographer, visit
For the original website, visit


  1. this one more imba~ do this~ gabung all the skills you have!

  2. omg! this post of yours is heart wrenching! life is really precious after all.. thank you for sharing this one! huhuhuhuhu


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