Oh gg...

"Oh gg..."

A term that originated from computer games that is widely used today in various situations in which there's no hope, in situations which you screwed up good or basically situations that you could literally see your own demise before your own eyes. Translated as "Oh good game...", "Oh gg..." carries roughly the same meaning as "Shit!", "FML", "die..." and "OMGF", just in a less vulgar and a more polite manner.

Today, the term "Oh gg..." is widely used outside from the gaming arena, because half of the Earth's population happened to be computer gamers and we love to speak gamers' language, and in situations like:-

Situation 1
A group of friends that has just finished supper and halfway home.
Friend 1: Hey, did you take back your phone? I saw it lying on the restaurant's table just now.
Friend 2: (searches pockets) Oh gg....

Situation 2
In examination hall.
Examiner: Alright, you all may start now. The exam finishes in two hours time.
Me: (opens the question paper and takes a look at the questions) Oh gg.... (You won't be seeing me in university anymore after this exam)

Situation 3
Boss: Did you remember to send the client our 100K proposal for the meeting today? I really hope that our company can secure this 100K deal
Worker: Oh gg... (worker gets fired soon afterward)

Situation 4
Any university lecture hall
Lecturer: For today's assignment, i want you all to come up with a 5000 word essay on the reason why Einstein has that afro hair of his. The assignment is due tomorrow at 5 pm
Students: Oh gg...  (no doubt the lecturer will be receiving quite bad reviews by the end of the semester. God bless him)

Situation 5
A group of friends happily chatting together
Friend 1 (Guy): And i think friend 2 (who happens to be a girl) has gained weight again!
Friend 2 (Girl): ....
Friend 3 (Guy): Idiot! I think you just made her angry.
Friend 1 (Guy): Oh gg...
Friend 2 (Girl): Hpmh! ...and stomps off.

Situation 6
When playing DOTA with my legendary friend, Xian You
Friend 1: Oh no, i think i see Xian You coming!
Me: Run!
Friend 2: Too late. I think he wiped out our entire team.
Together: Oh gg...
P/s: I had to include this in because that's the situation most of the time :p

As you can see, the term "Oh gg..." can be widely used in almost every situation nowadays if you're creative enough to use it. Of course, the above situations are just a few out of the thousands out there that "Oh gg..." can be used in. Can you think of any other funny situations where the "Oh gg..." can be used with style?

And talking about "Oh gg..." i suddenly realize that i still have and exam tomorrow and here i am blogging my time away when i should be revising. Oh gg...


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