Break up nicely?

Question: I have a girlfriend i want to break up with. How to do it nicely?

Well, according to what i've read from my Social Psychology textbook (which i will be sitting for exam tomorrow and yet i am here acting like a counselor), the best break up would the one where both parties are mutually consenting. Which means both you and your girlfriend understands perfectly why the break up is needed and it is unavoidable.

Of course, that's not usually the case because there's always one party that wants break and the other which don't want. And the party that is unwilling to break, or does not understand a reason why a break up is needed is always the one that takes the most damage.

My opinion? Depends largely on the reason you want to break up. If you're breaking up for stupid reasons such as you're bored and you're looking for a new thrill, don't bother how to do it nicely. Because by the end of the day, the stupid reason alone will override the method, no matter how nicely planned, of your break up.


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