We all love sex, don't we?

 Guess which post was the most popular post in my blog for the past two weeks?

For the past two weeks, I have in total around 600+ people dropping by my blog thanks to the ACJC blog post that i wrote. That's more than one quarter of all the visits i get in total for the past two weeks!

The content analytics for lukeyishandsome.com for the past two weeks, with the ACJC scandal page being the most popular with 618 views
Sadly, it was not because i wrote such a good post that all the people began sharing around until it became a major hit, it was mostly because my blog was one of the first few results on Google if you type in anything with the word "ACJC scandal video" in it. Which means that there have been lots of people searching for the ACJC scandal video in Google, despite how the behavior was condemned in the public.

The most popular keywords searches for my blog, with the ACJC scandal keywords making up most of it
Internet just brings out the best of people, don't you think?

Kinda reminds of the people who in front of others, pretend to be all holy and good but while sitting alone in front of the computer, could not resist the temptation to check out the video of the two girls making out.

From what i can see, sex sells. Which is why pornography sites are still so prominent on the web, eclipsing sites that really do matter, like those sites that helps people. And secondly, we humans are such hypocrites. What we often say is so different that our actions.

Oh well, who am i to complain. At least that post boosted my blog hits about 21632515 times.


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