I hate their dirtiness. I hate the tingling feelers. I hate the sense of dread and fear they bring in me. I hate that they disrupt our lives. I hate practically everything about cockroaches. 

As much as i hate them, i can never bring myself to kill them, at least physically. Asking me to raise my legs and squish the cockroaches and causing the bottom of my footwear to be filled with cockroaches' liquid irks me. And there's this fear that they might fly at anytime and land on your face.

Which is why i have a no touch me no touch you policy against the cockroaches. As long as they don't bother me, i will not bother them. Works fine most of the time. Until when one courageous cockroach decides to go against the policy and barge into my room.

Like just now.

When i see a cockroach hanging about in my room, a complex series of thoughts will take place in my brain. On one hand, there's this overwhelming urge to get the cockroach out from the room, preferably dead, as fast as possible. On the other hand, there is this fear that paralyzes me from approaching the cockroach any further. Physical contact is a definite NO.

When faced with situations like this, Lukey only has one option.

Far range insecticide bombardment.
Which basically involves holding a can of insecticide as far as possible and spraying it like there's no tomorrow, hoping that the enormous amount of chemical unleashed upon the cockroach will choke and kill it. Like how a chemical warfare works.

The only downside is that i tend to overdo it most of the time, with my room ending up looking and smelling like it has just been fogged by those anti-mosquito man every week. And i must say my next door neighbors weren't very pleased indeed by the smell that my long range bombardment caused.

I should really find a better way to counter these cockroaches without causing distress to the rest of my block mates. Any suggestions? 

And yes, i do admit that i'm a failed male. Explains why i'm still very much single.


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