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No, this post has nothing to do with my recent breakup. Ok, maybe somewhat, which is why i'm writing this post in the first place, but only in an email extent. And this is how the story goes...

As any usual nights, i was staring dead into my computer screen, torn between the choices of typing more words into my assignment or typing more words into my Facebook status. The Facebook option has been winning quite a lot lately, by the way. And out of the blue, an email was dropped into my Gmail inbox, with the title "RE: Breakup".

Curious, i opened the mail, half suspecting it was from my ex wanting to scold me for breaking her heart (although the sender name clearly stated Hollister Funkcake, perhaps it's an email account i never knew) or some random guy also wanting to scold me for breaking her heart.

The first line that i saw in the email went "You really got the guts to break up with me over email,bitch??!?!". Of course, half expecting the email to contain scolding, i was dead nervous over the email. What did i do wrong now? Why only now you choose to scold me?

Well, right until the point when the word email began to register in my head. As far as i remember, i certainly did not break up with my ex over the email. Who would do that anyway? People who breaks up using email are usually labeled as cowards because they are not brave enough to confront the situation and prefer the easy way out. And of course, your email might end up in the wrong place like the junk folder and an interesting confusion may come out from there if your partner did not read the mail. That was my first suspicion that something was wrong.

The other came immediately after the word email. Since when i'm a bitch? I understand that vulgarities may come out of a frustrated and a bad break up, but bitch? I trust my ex to be a more sensible person than this. Certainly this email is not about my break up but something else. A wrong email perhaps? So i decided to tread with caution and read the entire thing.

The RE: Breakup email

Of course, the email would have looked very legitimate if you happen to be a person who dated Miss Hollister before, likes to film all your intimate affairs and Miss Hollister happens to be a guy after all! Otherwise, the email has tons of indications that this is just a hoax email or spam. The link for example, is enough to warrant enough alarm bells in your head to wake the entire village up.
(FYI 1: Random links given to you are never to be trusted, even from trusted friends. It normally leads you to some site to download dangerous stuff and to do dangerous things. Clicking a random link without verifying if it's safe is just like accepting a random sweet given to you by strangers in real world)

In any usual situation, i would have just deleted the email straight away just to be safe. One is because i never did all those stuff and two is because the email smelled like spam all over. But for this post, i'm gonna be different and just click on the link to see where it brings me.

The destination after clicking the link. The red circles are the stuff that tells you that this is totally a fake/hoax/spam email
A site that has the word "cash" in it and asks you to complete a survey to download stuff. If you're not going the realize that the email is a hoax now, banging your head on the wall would be a good suggestion because you're going to do it anyway after filling the survey and downloading the "video".

The word cash alone is enough to suggest that instead of your intimate video, you're probably gonna get a spyware or a virus in return. And FYI 2, anything with the word "cash" in it, eg, Earn Cash Online, is also enough to warrant a quick bailout from there. Never ever trust things that are too good to be true. Scams work on that.

So yeah, in the end, there is no breakup email from angry exes or angry exes fans after all. It's just another usual spam email created by hackers in hopes that some gullible internet user who has just broke up would fall for the trick and click the link with the possible outcome of having the entire computer breakdown. Seems like hackers nowadays are going to great lengths to hack into your computer.

I'm just curious how on Earth did the hacker knew i had just broken up. Oh well, another reason not to conduct any affairs like proposing or breaking up online because you'll never know when the hacker decides to send you a breakup email.


  1. Thank you for posting this. I received the same email but from a LUVLEEN RATHORE. I ignored it, assuming it was a keylogger link, but today, I received a reply from one of the other people who were emailed:

    I do not Identify with any statement or statements in regards to
    anyones personal character or business of any nature that is within
    the context of the previous communication and or e-mail sent
    electronically for any reason or motive that may be incriminatory. I
    reserve the right of seperation of chruch and state and I do not
    believe that I have to judge my fellow mankind.


    Ernesto Ponce
    U.S. Citizen
    California Resident
    U.S. Armed Forces Veteran
    17130 Van Buren Blvd., # 232
    Riverside, Ca 92504

    His signature seemed too strange to be real, so I google-mapped the address. The address points to some sort of strip mall. Might it be another attempt for us to click on the link? Before I was tempted, I googled the contents of the previous email, leading me to you. Thank you for calming my fears. :)


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