A Day In Lukey's Life

A proof that university is the last place you want to be on Earth if you're the kind of person who wants a healthy and normal lifestyle.

As of 10th September, 2010:

12.00 am : Finished giving a lecture regarding basics of video production for new members. Stomach was too hungry to go to sleep. Started the search for supper mates.

1.00 am : Found supper mates. But no supper place. Favorite supper hang out place was closed due to Hari Raya on the day tomorrow. Had to wait for around half an hour before we got a place at the Chinese restaurant next door. The waiter there was definitely not friendly, maybe it was because of the sudden influx of customers thanks to the closed mamak stall. Ate a bowl of noodles.

2.00 am : Finished supper. Decided stomach was too full to go to sleep. Friends suggested a match of DOTA to unwind and de-stress. 

3.00 am : Still DOTA-ing.

4.00 am : Finished DOTA-ing. Resolved to finally sleep as stomach was not too hungry and full.

5.00 am : For some strange reasons, the mind and body was not able to go to sleep. Frustrated that one precious hour of life was wasted tossing on bed, concluded that the best way to induce sleepiness was to read the textbook. Turned on the lights, sat on the chair and began reading pg 257, Essentials of Abnormal Psychology.

6.00 am : Did you know that bipolar disorder and cyclothymic disorder usually ends up in suicide?

7.00 am : Sleep time!

8.00 am : ZzzzZzz...

9.00 am : Entering REM sleep

10.00 am : "F***! How come i got all F for my exams!"

11.00 am : Got woken up by a distinct sound of Boom Boom Boom coming for the ever so hated speakers in hall. Hoped to eliminate once and for all the annoying speaker for the sake of not getting any F in exams.

12.00 pm : As it was already morning, many people was already awake and the cycle of sounds alternated between musical instruments, speakers and people talking. Decided that it was impossible to go back to sleep now with all the interruptions.

1.00 pm : Spewed a lot of curses on Facebook and Twitter thanks to the hormonal imbalance resulting from a lack of sleep. Seriously considering a pair of earplugs.

2.00 pm : Noises eventually died down. Went to sleep again.

3.00 pm : Starting the sleep cycle again...

4.00 pm : Zzz...

5.00 pm : Dreamed of being Superman with lots of girlfriends.

6.00 pm : Woken by Jason banging on the door. The 5.00 pm alarm sadly did not went off. Realized that there's an important coverage coming up so immediately bathed and changed and pondered on whether to skip dinner or not.

7.00 pm : Dinner finished. Going through some final equipment checks before heading to the University Cultural Hall for the video coverage of the The Next Wave 2010 : Lights Off by NUS Dance Ensemble. Prayed that the video coverage will go on smoothly.

8.00 pm : The guy in charge of the audio does not like me T.T

9.00 pm : Have trouble understanding the dance that used lots of masking tapes. Not to mention the silent start (without music) to most of the dances. Is this some kind of new trend? And the minimum amount of clothing on most of the dancers. Wow. Seriously considering to join Ensemble too.

10.00 pm : Finished video coverage without much problem, hopefully. The last Asian Contemporary dance choreographed by a guy name Zaki was awesome! A nice mix of the bamboo sticks alongside with the dance moves. Still thinks that the dancers of Ensemble dress sexily. *Drools*

11.00 pm : The arduous task of video importing begins. Meanwhile, it's DOTA time while waiting for the videos to be captured. Stomach begins to feel hungry.

And therefore, that ends a day in Lukey's life. Now you know why being in university is the least healthy place to be.


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