When you're too busy to blog...

It's not easy being a good blogger. A good blog post usually requires a decent writing skill and lots of time dedicated making the blog post at least readable and entertaining. Famous bloggers like Kenny Sia or even Kenwooi spends hours preparing a nice and entertaining blog post. My last blog post for example, which surprisingly garnered lots of positive comments, was written over a span of three days. So i guess the time you invest into blogging does contribute to the quality of the posts you churn out. 
Unless of course, your writing skills got a bit problem-lah, but that's the previous post's story.

But what happens if you simply do not have the time to blog? Take me for example. I currently have a 8 am to 1 am working hour schedule for a whole week which translates to lesser blogging hours (definitely no more 3 days span) and along with that the drop of visitors coming to my blog. Of course, i couldn't just let that happen after all those positive comments that i've received in the last post. So i've been considering numerous ways to keep up my blog's visitor count even though i'm freaking busy right now.

I could for example, learn from Naruto and perform a kage-shino-jutsu (i hope i got it correct) trick.
Then i could create a clone of myself just like what Naruto does and do 2x the work! I could leave the clone of mine blogging while i go out and settle all my other stuff. Maybe even three clones so i can go watch movie while they help me do all the tedious stuff. That way i don't have to worry about updating my blog anymore as my blogging clone will take care of everything.

If in the unforeseen circumstances that my mastery of Naruto's clone skill cannot be completed, the i could learn some hypnosis trick that can be used in my blog.
 Reducing the need to worry about clones running away or whether my clone is adept blogging, this is the trick to go. All i have to do is to figure how to hypnotize you into thinking that my blog is so dang awesome til you'll keep returning to my blog even though there's no new updates using just only words. No matter how busy i am, i can rest assured that my blog reader's will not drop because i know that they're all under my spell.

Or if i'm lazy to learn all the complicated stuff of ninja's jutsu and the art of hypnotizing someone, i could always opt for the easiest choice. Pray for a divine miracle!

But of course, all of the methods mentioned above are not a guaranteed success. At the end of the day, a good post is always directly proportional to the amount of free time you have in front of your computer. If you're busy with some other thing in life, then it would not be surprising to see your blog viewership drop after a while. Take Kenny Sia (the overused blogger example) for example, after he became famous, he decided to open his own fitness center and he has to run here and there everyday to fulfill his reputation as a famous blogger. As a result, the amount of posts he wrote gradually became much fewer as compared to his early days as a blogger.

Unless if you have a dang good way of making sure that the amount of effort you put in will always quadruple in results. Unless lah...


  1. lol! like this post! especially the cute squirrel!

  2. I think u're one of the few good bloggers churning out interesting posts! :D Keep up the quality if not quantity, jiayou! :)

  3. lol the last photo is totally hilarious , takpa takpa i jadi your follower support ur blog

  4. LOL you busy to update your blog also more fehmes than me. Sob sob lol


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