Untitled Ranting

For some unexplainable reasons (we Asians like to believe in supernatural stuff, btw) my life since the start of this week have been going pretty much downhill lately. Right now, i'm feeling quite lost, frustrated and frigging emotional. I know that it is not a really good time to get all moody right now, but when my mood decides to bungee jump all the way to the bottom, i really can't stop it. I hope that it will climb back up soon though. I can't afford to be dubbed as the emo guy during orientation. 

Or maybe i should just shift my focus into somewhere else that i will feel at ease at. Or it's just that time of the month again when some anomalies with my hormones release is making me feel as if the world is against me. Perhaps i just need to take a rest and everything will be fine tomorrow.

Sigh, i am missing home already.


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