A random comment by Mr Anonymous

Today was like any normal day. I was at my usual spot in front of the computer doing what i do best, stalking people on Facebook, making random comments here and there plus typing some meaningless blog post when i saw this comment that is awaiting moderation on my blog homepage. So i happily clicked on the comment link, because i like to see comments on my blog, to find a rather disturbing message by a random person who did not reveal his name.

Ouch. I could hear my ego shattering into a thousand pieces already. And i used to think that my English writing skills would at least reach a readable level. And to think that i used to be the president of my school's English language society. Not to mention my Band 6 in the MUET test. 

Maybe that explains why i usually see articles complaining about how low our Malaysian English standards can be. And that would also explain why no matter how hard i try, my scores in all my university exams could never get past average. I guess the professors who are marking my papers must have a tough time trying to understand what i'm trying to write.

Which means i'm in a hell lot of trouble if my English language standards is not as high as what i think.

Ugh. Another reason for me to be emo again.


  1. Urgh, I think I understand it. Lols.

    Just leave such person rotten alone in his/her own world, they're just simply lifeless. :)

    Cheers, Lukey.

  2. LOL FOL LUKEY! I can't believe some people!

  3. LOL FOL LUKEY! I can't believe some people!

  4. Cheer up. No point of being emo for such a person if he is good enough why must he remain anonymous? Cause he is a total loser and he's afraid of revealing himself.

  5. yea true, i agree with rolling!!!

    i understand well your post and i like them..and wat a good job getting band 6 in muet..its not easy you noe!!!

    cheer up!!!

  6. Ahh don't worry, I is not good in Engish too. I is fine with my life. Haha. Although English might serve as an important criteria, but its not the main one. Its virtually useless if you're flamboyantly proficient in English but piss in your pants when you start speaking to more than 2 people.

  7. Wow, such egoistic comments, and why being Anonymous in it?

    Lol, this dog only barks in its own territory. Luke, just leave him alone la.

  8. Heads up! (:
    For tt one person who doesn't understand what he reads, there are probably dozens of us who understand what you write! (:


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