A random comment by Mr Anonymous

Today was like any normal day. I was at my usual spot in front of the computer doing what i do best, stalking people on Facebook, making random comments here and there plus typing some meaningless blog post when i saw this comment that is awaiting moderation on my blog homepage. So i happily clicked on the comment link, because i like to see comments on my blog, to find a rather disturbing message by a random person who did not reveal his name.

Ouch. I could hear my ego shattering into a thousand pieces already. And i used to think that my English writing skills would at least reach a readable level. And to think that i used to be the president of my school's English language society. Not to mention my Band 6 in the MUET test. 

Maybe that explains why i usually see articles complaining about how low our Malaysian English standards can be. And that would also explain why no matter how hard i try, my scores in all my university exams could never get past average. I guess the professors who are marking my papers must have a tough time trying to understand what i'm trying to write.

Which means i'm in a hell lot of trouble if my English language standards is not as high as what i think.

Ugh. Another reason for me to be emo again.

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