Random 2 am Ranting

The time now is 2.30 am. In 2 and a half hours time the clock will strike five times signaling it's 5 am. And since i need to wake up at 5 am, it means that i have less than 2 and a half hours to get enough rest for the trip to Sentosa Island tomorrow. I'm so gonna die there tomorrow. I mean today.

For any of you who happen to be on Sentosa in a few hours time, please do bring a long a camera. Because there will be a huge panda call Lukey (which is me) who will be roaming the beaches of Sentosa with incredibly huge eye bags. Oh, and he's cute too!


  1. u went to sentosa today???i went there too eh...i went pahlawan beach...hahaz...but i din see u le...lolx

  2. enjoy la.. lol.. and go sleep? =P


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