Nokia X6 has the X-factor!

I'm not a very savvy person when it comes to handphones. In fact, if you hear me talking about handphones without looking at me, you might think that i'm in the same generation as your parents or even grandparents!

"Aiyah, as long as the phone can call and send SMS then ok-lah. No need so high end phones one. Waste money only." (Speaking in the traditional Singlish/Manglish style)

Of course, having a phone that can only make calls and SMS does have its own downside sometimes, especially with the kind of modern lifestyle that we have now. There are lots of situations in which i sometimes find having a phone that does more than just SMS and make calls would be more suitable. Situations like:-

Situation 1. Take pictures! Take Pictures! Camera!
As bloggers, being able to take interesting pictures on the go is a very important plus point in making sure you're able to express what you've seen in your blog post. Like the saying that goes, "Pictures Speak A Thousand Words". A picture taken during an interesting event sure beats a 1000 word essay to describe it. Especially if you suck at using words to portray something accurately.
Besides that, a phone camera is also very important in the situation where a you meet a pretty girl who owns a phone that can only SMS and make calls only.

Situation 2. I'm bored...
Ever encountered any boring situations with nothing to do? I have. Be it waiting for the public bus to come, waiting for my appointment to start, waiting for this, waiting for that, having some form of entertainment on your phone sure makes lots of difference. And by entertainment i don't mean those MiDi music or games like Snake. At least you do not have to struggle to stay awake while waiting for time to pass.

With the two top reasons up there, i guess it's time for a phone change! The only problem being the countless choices of phones out there! It's sure not easy to find a phone that suits you perfectly these days. Browsing through phone choices sometimes even seem harder than choosing a wife. One of the other reasons why my phone stayed camera-less and feature-less.
Gahh... no i can't choose, i can't choose!!

But luckily for me, i have now found a perfect candidate to replace my aging phone!
Introducing to you, Nokia X6!

The moment i saw it, i was in love! With such a sleek and cool design, it's bound to make me look cool too whenever i take out the phone. Not only it is good on the outside, it's good on the inside too! It boast of excellent music playing capabilities with its great speakers and unlimited music downloads from Nokia too. Aside from that, its design also allows for better mobile gaming experience. So it's bye bye boring moments in the bus stop! I have portable entertainment now wherever i go.

Its 5.0 megapixels camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash also means that i can take great pictures and videos too! No more saying "Err..." when pretty girls walk to me to ask for a picture taken. Heck, i can even offer to take a great video of them too. The 3.2” widescreen display would then make it a great experience to view the photos and videos i have took earlier on the go. No need to wait til i get back to my computer to get a good view of what have i taken.

To top that all off, the X6 also allows instant updates to Twitter and Facebook from the phone! A major milestone for users like me who have no idea how to use the internet along with the phone. No need again for me to wait til i have my computer to post important status updates to Facebook and Twitter! Sweet!

So what do you think? I would make good partners with the Nokia X6, eh?

Dear Nuffang, please help me realize my dream of partnering the phone with the X-Factor, Nokia X6!



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