My Random Trip to Kellie's Castle, Perak

Me and my friends are a bunch of real random people. You know, we like doing some random stuff without much planning. I believe that some spark of spontaneity in life is good sometimes so that our life wouldn't be that boring and full of surprises. So when my friend Yee Kheng suggested that we drop by to visit Kellie's Castle together with the terrorist, Kong Xin Yi, while we were all halfway in our trip to UTAR, we all said yes!

Kellie's Castle!!

For those of you who might not know, Kellie's Castle happens to be Malaysia's own version of Taj Mahal.  It is because like Taj Mahal, the owner, Mr William Kellie Smith intended the castle to be built for his loved ones, namely his wife. However, the castle never got completed because Mr Kellie died of some disease before the castle was completed. His wife on the other hand, was not too fond of living in a castle right smack in the middle of a plantation and sold the entire land to someone else and moved out. I guess it must be because of the mosquitoes. So much for a happy ending right?

Fast forward a few hundred years later, you have the abandoned, half completed Kellie's Castle marketed as one of the tourist attractions in Perak. We humans are just fascinated with uncompleted buildings aren't we? To spice things up a little, there's even rumours that Mr Kellie still roams the castle even until today. This is kinda surprising considering that Mr Kellie died somewhere in Portugal and his body buried nowhere near Malaysia. I'm guessing that ghosts have their own airlines system.

The only downside of being so random is often going to a place totally unprepared, which happened in my case. As soon as three of us stepped in to Kellie's Castle, we noticed something that we are missing something. A good camera!! Everywhere we look we saw tourists with DSLR cameras happily snapping photos away while the best photo taking device we had was just a 5.0 megapixels phone camera.

No complains there however. We can always go back there better prepared next time. For the time being, we just used our phone cameras to the best that we can. Thankfully our phones managed to deliver and with a little touch up from Adobe Lightroom, our photos did not look that bad after all.

The 3 random people for the day, Yee Kheng, Xin Yi and me, Lukey!

One thing that we noticed about Kellie's Castle is that although the building is half-ruined, it's still a very nice place to take nice photos thanks to the architecture of the building. That might have explained the huge amount of DSLR wielding tourists we saw. One couple even decided to have their wedding shot taken there.
The wedding couple with the super duper pro photographer! Shh... sneaking their photo wasn't easy.

Not wanting to lose out, the three of us decided to take some nice snapshots of our own using our phone cameras without and tripods or anything. 
These are some (not all, cause there's too many photos we've taken) of the results:-

Yee Kheng setting up our camera

Yeap, this is what happens when you don't have a camera and you want everyone to be in the picture.

Introducing to you our model of the day, Miss Kong Xin Yi! (i'm so gonna get killed)

Photoshoot Attempt 1: FAIL

Photoshoot Attempt 2: FAIL 

Eventually we gave up after many tries to take the perfect photo with everyone inside. We decided that like it or not, we have to sacrifice one person to take the photos. Which is why the following photo turned out nice although i did not want it to be nice.
My pose is totally "cannot make it". Oh well, i did not get dubbed as a girlish guy without any reasons

My favorite photo of the day!
It's my favorite photo partly because i'm inside it :p

The next time i'm going Kellie's Castle or any ruined buildings, i'm so gonna go fully equipped!!


  1. wow! kellie's castle! heard a lot bout it and havent been there yet. i heard its haunted and a lot of people have their shares of experience with the 'things' there.

    but your pics say otherwise. looks like a lovely historical place to me. LOL

  2. Watched channel 8 show and saw the kelly castle .

    Seems like a good historical place to explore, the next time i visit ipoh !

    Go my travel blog for more tips and travel ! :)

  3. nice place.. but can be damn hot during the day! =/

  4. OMG, this place is the perfect spot for photoshoot. Love the vintage/retro vibe of it c:

  5. Opppsss a haunted place to visit..LOL

  6. If you had a chance to visit this place 10 years ago, you view will be different. Before they cleaned up the place, it was very dark, gloomy and frankly scary....


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