My Defining Moment

Every blogger has their own defining moments. It may be the 10000th hit on their blog, the first million dollar earned or something simple like winning a well known blogging competition. I have yet to achieve anything on the scale yet, but i had a mini defining moment a few days ago when i saw these comments in my blog for the post that i spent 3 days on > How To Not Earn Any Money From Blogging

Whoa! Wow! Fuah!
Though not as big as getting a million dollar from blog earnings, it still made me feel dang good. Enough to put a a real big smile on my face from ear to ear like how the Cheshire cat smiles

Heck, it's even better than winning an Oscar! And perhaps i'm well on my way to blog stardom already! Maybe i should start practicing to be like James Cameroon when he got his 13 awards from Oscar thanks to the movie Titanic once upon a time ago.

 Ops, sorry, i got too carried away. Anyway,this post is just to thank all of you who keep on coming to this blog even though i'm not churning out high quality posts consistently. It is the support that i get from you all that makes me want to continue on blogging no matter what. Thanks and you people rocks!


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