Lukey's Schedule

Lukey's Schedule for tomorrow, Friday, 23rd of July, 2010.
Oh, wait, that's today.

1. Wake up at 7.30 am to prepare for the Freshmen Matriculation Fair

2. Lug a bag full of video equipment all the way to Tampines to help cover some sort of event from 11 am to at least 3 pm. Luckily the organizer said that there would be some pretty girls to help me out. I certainly hope that he's not saying that just to attract me there.

3. Head over to Bishan (another faraway area...) to hand over the the result of the coverage to the fellow who hired me. Yay, extra pocket money!

4. Head back to hall for rag dance practice from 7.30 pm all the way to 11.00 pm. Hopes that some miracle will happen and i will be able to dance perfectly without making any mistakes because i predict that i will be half dead by then. Either that or i hope my brain will be able to focus during the dance. And pray that my hands and legs will do what they are supposed to do for the dance

5. Dance piecing at 11.30 pm til God knows how long. Crosses fingers and repeats the hopes of Point No 4 above 10 times. Please happen, miracle... please happen, miracle... please happen, miracle...

6. Send a few SMS-es to girlfriend to assure her that i'm still pretty much alive amid all these activities

Welcome to the life of a NUS Eusoffian. It'll be such a great day tomorrow :p


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