Justin Bieber Baby Remake, Malaysian Christian style ft Master Yoda!

When it comes to remaking and pirating things, we Malaysians totally own. And this time is Justin Bieber's turn to get owned! Yeap, the guy who got really famous before he even reach puberty. Not to mention he sounds so girlish. I was browsing my Facebook when i saw this video. Didn't know Justin Bieber's song can be turn into one Christian song. I know some of you guys may not be Christian, but just stick through the whole song and check out the lyrics. It so got the Malaysian-ish style inside.

The Master Yoda bridge caught me completely off guard. Didn't know he could rap aside from swinging the light saber and killing so bad guy Siths. I bet he would have been a very rich guy living in Hollywood and not end up dying in some swamp if he had chosen to be a rapper rather than a Jedi Master.

Honestly, i must say that that the video was real funny and creative! I bet it will be a Youtube hit in an instant. And Malaysia would be famous! LOL. Who knows, maybe they will come up with a Muslim version then followed by a Hindu and Buddhist too.
1 Malaysia mah.


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