I'm a wooden dancer

Today had been a loooooong day for me.

By the time i was finished with all my stuff for the day, the clock is already showing 12 am. My day had been jam packed with activities. There was this welcome tea for the Eusoff Hall's freshmen with the usual master's speech. Extremely detailed, i must say.

Of course, the killer would not be the master's speech but the rag dance practice that followed soon after that. When i first signed up for the rag dance, i thought of joining it merely for fun and also as a way to kill off some time. But as the days progressed and the practices intensified, i began to realize the importance of doing my best in this dance because for this year, the rag dances will be shown internationally for the very first time in many years thanks to the Youth Olympic Games.

Which means that screwing up in an event with such a magnitude is a definite no no. With so many people watching this event all around the world (not to mention some VIPs too like the ambassadors of the countries taking part), even if one of us screws up the dance, we'll be taking the entire team with us along with the name of our hall and maybe NUS too.

And i'm all stressed out. Since coming to NUS, i have failed two dance auditions and this is my first time performing on stage. Can you imagine that, my first time performing and it'll be an international event already. And currently, my progress in learning the dance moves is nowhere near acceptable. I try and try and try to memorize the moves as good as i can but when the music starts playing i go blank, panic and then run on auto pilot mood.

Any tips to turn this Pinocchio here with wooden limbs into an elegant dancer?


  1. get profesional help? or watch more dance movies. sometimes it's not about what's in ur brain (steps) but what's in ur heart (feeling) cliche right?

  2. Wear a mask. Seriously, you can be someone who you are not. Maybe you can try to print out Jennifer Lopez's or Ricky Martin's. :)

  3. I love the second comment. I'm a pretty wooden dancer and I take longer to master and remember steps... I reckon the trick is to calm down and let it flow, you'll do better if you don't think TOO much while dancing :) Good luck!


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