I L-O-V-E all these kind people on the internet!

I absolutely love the internet. And i love all the kind souls on the internet more. The kind souls i'm refering to are people who takes the time to explain any sort of questions like how to beat the bloody evil boss in computer game to the people who spends lot of time writing incredibly long wiki entries explaining every single detail in the movie that you like and to the people who makes tutorial videos for free teaching you how to do really cool stuff like building a website or even do something like the video beneath.

For those of you who are wondering, yeap, that video was done by me! And yeap, i couldn't believe myself too! Which is why i think the internet is such a great place for learning almost anything thanks to all these people who are kind enough to share with the world their talents. You can pick up any language, brush up all sorts of musical skills, learn various types of computer skills, figure out how to diagnose your own disease and even expose yourself to a few tricks of having sex!

And if you're wondering again, yeap, i got this from a Google search and don't act all surprised. I bet you already know such thing exists on the internet

Ok, forget i mentioned about the sex part. Honestly, i'm very thankful for being born after the invention of the internet. There's so much to learn and the best of all, teverything is free! Before the internet, if you wanna pick up an new skill like playing guitar for example, you have to drag yourself to a guitar school and pay a ridiculous amount of money for just that few hours of lesson. Now, all you have to do is to just buy yourself a guitar, turn on your computer (and the internet connection, of course), hop to Google.com and just key in phrases like free guitar tutorials or guitar lessons for beginners.

There's a saying that goes among geeks that "Google is your friend". Especially if the Google comes in the form of a sexy girl like the one at the top :p

And of course, the people who does all these kind of things, the ones that bothered to help members of their own species without charging, are freakingly awesome people. They are willing to spend the time and energy to teach others without hoping anything in return which is quite noble, i think. Of course, they do hope to earn some money through the ads that you can click on the website, but at least they don't charge you like 80 dollars per hour just to teach you where the G-string is on your guitar. 

So this post is a tribute to all the kind souls out on the internet helping people like me to learn something new like how to make the video up above! You guys rock!


  1. my sentiments exactly. even for the simplest thing like how to get rid of spider webs (dont ask why i looked that up) to stuff like making apple crumble, defeating the final boss and stuff.

    and also, those funny video. man, watching them makes me forget all the problems in the world..

  2. Lols students would still prefer go for guitar class eventhough they have internet at home. :)

    Oh yeah, my boyfriend teaches acoustic and electric for drum and guitar. XD

  3. and you wonder maybe after a while there's nothing new left in the world cuz everything you can probably think of, ten people from other parts of the world already thought of it and post it on the internet. Welcome to the new world order!

  4. dori..check this out...

  5. i wished google is that hot lady =P


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