I am... i dunno... this just sucks...

I've read about it everywhere before. Heard it, seen it like a few hundred times already. Of the description of accidents, how it happen, what could it cause, the emotional trauma associated with it and stuff like that. After what happened a few hours earlier, i am still shocked and find myself unable to fully comprehend the event that has taken place. I guess that's the one thing that words can never do. To fully prepare yourself of what is about to hit you when you're actually faced with an accident right before your eyes.

My day started off like any normal Sunday in hall. Me and a few friends from hall went for a church service at a nearby church and then followed by lunch at our favourite chicken rice stall after the service ended. Everything seemed normal during lunch, with all the jokes, cock talking and laughs going around the table.

But as we're all preparing to leave after our meal, something unforeseen happened. One of my friend was walking towards his bicycle when he slipped, fell and hit his head on the wet concrete floor. Although i did not had a clear view of what happened, i had an uneasy feeling that this is not a normal fall as i heard a sickening "thud" coming from there.

When i rushed over, i saw my friend lying on the floor with a blank stare on his face. It was not like any normal fall where you would scream and curse the floor for the pain that was on your head immediately after that. My friend was lying on the floor immobile. It's like a scene from the movies where when this kind of situation appears in the movie, you know that things are not going right. And it's a pretty sucky feeling, i must say.

Thankfully Uncle Mun Cheong and his wife, both members from our church were there. They helped my friend up while i was standing there feeling so useless not knowing what to do or expect. To be honest, i have never been in a situation where a friend was involved in such an accident before. As we helped him up, i quietly mouth a silent prayer and hoped that the worse have pass and nothing serious happened. Uncle Mun Cheong offered to fetch us all back seeing that my friend was in no condition to cycle.

During our journey back, we all thought that my friend is doing fine and everything will be ok. But when he kept asking again and again of happened to him, i began to suspect that something was not right. As he turned as asked me for the fifth time of what happened to him again, i finally plucked out my courage and asked him back, "Do you remember asking us about what happened to you just now?" The answer was no. Turns out that he just kept forgetting all the things that took place today no matter how many times we told him.
That's when we decided to send him to hospital.

That was a few hours ago. I just came back from the hospital while some other friends went to took our place. Frankly, i'm very worried about him. I'm worried that the memory loss will not be temporary. I try to be optimistic but every time only the worst case scenario pops into my mind. The doctor told us that he was unable to form new memory for the time being and currently i still have no idea of how everything will turn out as the results from the brain scanare not yet out.

I'm worried, frustrated and all messed up inside at the same time. I guess this is how you feel when a friend of yours in such a situation. Wanting to assure other worried friends that everything is gonna be ok but deep down inside, you question that statement yourself. Sigh. Dear Lord, please let everything to be ok...


  1. OMG feel so sorry for yr friend. Hope he is doing fine then, memory loss is really serious! :O

  2. u'll need more than a med student's help for this (to ref ur innit post).

    it's likely that he had a concussion and the brain might be scrambled for a few hours to up to several days. that's not too bad.

    if he's experiencing an epidural haemorrhage, that's worse. they typically will get up, seem apparently normal - but will crash BAD later as the pressure build up in his head takes him down.

    but i beyond this, i can't say without seeing a ct or mri scan of his head. he shud stay for observation in a hospital

  3. well, his CT scan came up clean, and the hospital's keeping him for observation. As soon as he was lucid, he did a quick memory check, and was able to recall the names of his five best friends in malaysia, the names of the people he was eating with, php syntax and basic OOP concepts. So he's quite satisfied that he's pretty much all there.

    He has a headache, but he's well enough to run around the internet talking about his case in third person. Also, did you know NUH has NUS wifi?

    Just a note he only remembers the instance when you asked him whether he remembers asking that question before. And one last thing, he's heavy enough that whenever he falls there always a thud...

  4. secretly I think Chee Eng got teleported to the parallel universe lor!


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