How Famous Are You Online?

We humans like to be famous. We love to be in the limelight and to be known and remembered by all. Which explains why since the dawn of mankind, humans have been trying all sorts of methods to be famous.

With the arrival of the internet, getting yourself popular has never been easier. You can try posting a video of you doing some crazy stuff like crying over people bullying Britney Spears, managing a blog with a lot of sexy pictures of yourself (provided if you're a pretty girl) and actions of the like. Of course, after all those actions, you would wan to check your progress of how famous you've become.

Googling your name would be a good start. But Google rarely provides you the information that you need. Also, you would want a more measurable score to compare yourself with your competitor if you have one.

And that's where WebMii comes in!

Me and Xian You came across this website yesterday when both of us were busy gay-ing in his room. Ok lah, maybe not gay-ing but i'm locked outside of my room and both of us have nothing to do so we decided to have a popularity contest using this website. All you have to do is to just enter your name and WebMii will comb the internet searching for your name. It will then return the results according to category such as Facebook, images, news report, blogs and articles online. It then aggregates the results from all this categories and gives your name a score out of ten. Of course, the system is not perfect. If your name is popularly used such as David Lee, chances are the results will mostly not be you. But anyways, we still came out with some interesting results during our one hour toying with the website.

A search with my full name, Luke Phang Cher Hong returns a score of 1.9/10.0

Apparently my blog, Lukey's Rantings, is even more famous than me. How sad is that.

And of course, we tried to see who's the most famous person with the highest score we can find. After entering numerous names of famous people like Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill and even Mahathir Muhammad, guess who emerged first?

Michael Jackson!

With a score of 9.2! Not surprising given his fame, talent and everything that he's done.

And you will not believe who is on par with Michael Jackson in terms of online popularity.Tying with MJ at the first place with the same score of 9.2, we have Mr George Bush!

Yeap, these 2 person are the 2 most famous people on the web according to WebMii. I tried every other imaginable famous person ever alive i can think of and no one can go above or reach their scores.
Even Jesus Christ and Nabi Muhammad falls short. If  you find anyone more famous than Bush or MJ, do let me know. I would be very interested to find out.

A note of caution though, i don't know how trustworthy is this website in calculating your degree of popularity online, but it's a fun thing to do. You can even pit Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus together to see how once and for all who is the most popular one. I tried Justin Bieber and Jason Miraz, and sad to say that Justin Bieber has a higher score compared to Jason Miraz.

 I guess I'm just jealous of him.

Well, one man's hated singer can be another man's idol after all.

P/s: WebMii's website can be found at


  1. Nana Eddy got 4.9.

    but my blog, A Brat with Opinions only got 1.8 :(

  2. Justin Bieber should get 0.000001 XP

  3. I got 7.0 for my name XD
    But only 1.2 for blog~

  4. Michael Chng has 5.0 or wait.. Michael Ch'ng got 4.0... hmm

  5. Search up gaz be rotten that guy is very famous

  6. I got 3. Damn. This is stalker site wei.


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