Eusoff Orienation 10/11 finally ended...

Eusoff Hall's Orientation Programs officially ended today. Finally. Which probably mean that I could now finally go back to my pre-programs routine such as sitting in front of the computer the whole day doing nothing, playing computer games, blogging and sleeping more than i need. My girlfriend would also be happy to hear this too. No more having to contend with a busy boyfriend.

But deep down inside, i must admit that i'm going to miss this type of lifestyle. I really enjoyed planning and executing all the programs for the freshmen plus all the fun moments that i shared with the programmers. All the busy and hectic schedule somehow made me feel more alive and purposeful. It's a shame i did not get to know many freshmen though. I must say that i am an introvert to start with. But if fate permits, maybe i'll do this again next year.

EHOC Programs 10/11

The only sad thing is that i could not manage to even take a single picture from the whole orientation.Can you believe it? Not a single picture! I guess i was too busy doing other stuff to worry about taking picture. Oh well, i could always steal some photos from EusoffWorks. Anyway, there is a video that i managed to produce that has something to do with the orientation. It's a blooper video of our videoshoot.
Hope you will like it!

The summary video will not be done by me, sadly. But never mind, it's good to have some free time. And some sleeping time too. It's been so long since i had a full night sleep. I think i'm just gonna crash til the evening tomorrow. Good night, world.


  1. Cher Hong for next EHOC Programmes Head :)

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    Is this possible?


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