Eusoff Hall Orientation Committee - Our Journey So Far

I made a video for the programmers of Eusoff Hall Orientation Committee (EHOC) today. My lady boss, Neeti, asked for the video to showcase what the programmers have done so far. Being a faithful worker, of course must obey orders! So here is my one day work!

Joining EHOC may be one of the best thing i have ever done in my life. Although the work sometimes could really annoying and tasking, i enjoyed most of my time there. Mostly is because i get to learn about lots of new stuff in life and get to experience another side of my hall life in NUS. Most importantly, i learned that although sometimes people be different from the values and things i shared, but that doesn't mean they cannot be equally awesome people! 

Sigh, i'm gonna miss EHOC when all this is over.

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