Blogging Nocturnal-ly

Lukey is updating his blog again way past the normal human sleeping time. If there's a blog award for nocturnal bloggers who always update their blog after 12 am, Lukey thinks that Lukey's Rantings will have a high chance of winning it. Maybe it's the only blog award that Lukey's Rantings will get a high chance to win. Too bad it has yet to be included as one of the category in the annual Bloggers Award.

Lukey actually wanted to followed the schedule that he prepared yesterday (, but in the end he did not managed to get up at 7.30 am as planned because of some unforeseen circumstances in bed. He couldn't get to sleep.
(What were you guys thinking anyway?)

He did manage to go to work though. The whole freaking journey took 30 minutes in a taxi. In total, Mr Lukey managed to chalk up a total of hundred dollars just for taxi fares to get to work. 
A hundred dollars in taxi fares!

But at least by the end of the day, he got 200 bucks as his pay for the work. After seeing the high amount of pay just to cover an event, Lukey is seriously considering to work as a videographer. At least he does not have to study til like a pig just to pull his results out to be able to do honours. Or just to graduate from university and to be able to find a decent job.

It was rag dance practice again later during the night for Lukey. Although Lukey is very slow as compared to the other dancers in learning the dance moves, he feels very happy every time he has the chance to go up there and perform. All the aching feet and hand made him very happy too because he just loves dancing. Besides, acting as a cactus in a dance that will be broadcast around the world is not a chance to be missed!
Life is busy for Lukey alright, to the point where he can only surf the web after all activities had died down, but he's happy. Happy doing all the stuff that he likes! Life rocks!


  1. trust me, working as a videographer for money is really something you should think hard and long about, especially when your studies is at stake here

  2. I used to have the problem of not being able to sleep and it sucks ): everything is upside down.


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