Why Study in Singapore?

As per my friend request, this post is gonna be about studying in Singapore. Or more accurately, the reasons why i choose to study in Singapore and not my home country, Malaysia. (Sound so professional here)

Singapore VS Malaysia

Before that, a brief introduction first. My name is Luke, if you have not known yet, and currently i'm one of the many Malaysians now studying in National University of Singapore (NUS). I was a Form 6 student before coming to Singapore so this post i'm writing will mainly apply to Malaysian students who are stuck between the choices of either furthering their studies in Malaysia or Singapore.

I'm sure one of the main criteria that we look for when we are choosing which university we are going to would be the quality. This is because by the end of the day, a better qualified university equals a better learning environment, higher class facilities and also a better job prospect once you graduate. And if you were to compare, it's undeniable that Singapore universities is better in quality than their Malaysian counterpart. The last time i checked, NUS was in the top 50 ranking among universities worldwide while University Malaya (UM) is too distant to be seen. As an employer, when two graduates with the exact same qualifications but from different universities come to you, which one would you choose? The one from the better university or the opposite?

The other reason why Singapore appealed to me was the high security level there. In Malaysia, walking out after sunset alone normally result in you being mugged, kidnapped or raped. Look at all the daily news. Though there are still crime in Singapore, at least the frequency there is not as high as in Malaysia. A girl can still walk out alone after sunset in Singapore and return unharmed. That alone speaks volume. No point going for tertiary study and end up being robbed and killed in the process, right?

Reminds you of a country?

The quality of the infrastructure here is also another pull factor. The toilets are clean, the public transportation is efficient and Singaporean taxi drivers who do not literally rob you when the charge a single trip for RM 60 makes life there relatively easy and convenient. And when life is convenient and easy, you have one less thing to worry about. Life in uni is already stressful as it is.

I'm sure sick of seeing these toilets in Malaysia

But of course, life is not a bed of roses here in NUS either. The study environment here is both tough and competitive. Certainly not for the fainthearted but hey, everything that is good requires some sort of hard work right. I'm not complaining.

I guess that roughly sums up everything. There are tons of other reasons too but i just included a few important ones. Wouldn't want this post to be too long too. Hope this would be enough for you Shi Hao.

P/s: Views mentioned above are entirely of my own. There's no scientific proof  backing it or whatsoever and probably half of what i mentioned up there would not be true but hey, this is democracy right?


  1. "Lastly, after being told so many years by our dear own Malay brothers that i'm a "pendatang" (illegal immigrant), i guess common sense should dictate that i find a place that don't think that i'm here to steal the country from the "bumiputeras". What's the use of being in a country that do not treasure you?"

    although the statement is quite true, can you not phrase it like that Lukey? After meeting various historians (due to circumstances)which comprises of all sorts of races, to me, that phrase just sounds ignorant and rude.

    Saya bukan marah. just thought I'd say something about it. Such statements will provoke a sense of racism - especially to people who are just too ignorant/full of themselves/lazy to learn the facts and yet decided to be opinionated about it.

    This is just the very reason why I never post on racism issue in Malaysia - I don't know too much about it. As far as I am concerned, things are okay. I don't remember anytime I was racially discriminated or had racially discriminate anyone. I had been working close together with other races before,and there were no awkwardness (not to me at least)

    one of example I can give you
    (pardon the lack of style since it was written during my earlier days as a blogger)

    I don't know about what other people see or think, but what I do see is that all Malaysians are always trying to cope, and tolerate each other differences. It might seem trivial to some, but to me, it's already very good.

    but then again - it might be just me.

    As for studying, I would choose to study out of the country myself - if I could afford it. The reason is cliche, but I want to get as much experience as I could get and mingle with all sorts of people.

    *sigh* what a long reply. lols sorry bout that. (well-not really) :p

  2. Good luck in your study endeavours..
    Clicked on your Olympus-Pen ad :)

  3. agrees...
    am planning to go singapore to study too next year.. if i can. =P

  4. what does this have to do with democracy?

  5. @nana: yeap, my bad. should have thought more before posting that up. agree with you that many malaysians themselves are not racists but it's the government that wants us to be racist. sort of like their divide and rule strategy. sorry bout that. i've taken down the paragraph.

  6. Yes, whatever you have mentioned about Singapore is true. Life in Singapore is comfortable and convenient. There are many advantages of living and studying in Singapore. Some of the Singapore universities are rated very high as you have rightly mentioned. To study in Singapore will be a good experience and as you have correctly pointed out, studying in a reputed university increases your chances of landing a better job.

  7. Nicely described about the reasons why i choose to study in Singapore and not my home country, Malaysia . Thanks for sharing


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