RIP oh my lappie...

Ladies and gentlemen, we are all gathered here today to mourn the recent passing of Lukey's best friend, the HP ProBook 4310s.

As we all know, or at least the person who is writing this post now knows, this red (or maroon?) laptop has served its owner tremendously during the past one year. The constant university assignments, lectures notes, countless hours of gaming, bouts of internet surfing and funny blog posts (i hope) would not have been possible if not for the constant hard work of this HP ProBook.

But as it pains me to admit it, laptops have a ridiculously short lifespan, even shorter than your house pet, you would say, due to the constant threats of viruses and newer replacement models. Which is why the owner of this laptop have decided to let it rest in peace and do his blogging work on his desktop... for now.

Thanks to the recent technological advancements and the existence of lots of brilliant minds around NUS, the laptop owner has a pretty high chance of resurrecting his HP ProBook when he's back in NUS. And by saying that i'm meaning you Lim Xian You, you're gonna help me fix this darn laptop! Muahaha!


  1. If I were you, I will be already asking from my dad a new one :3 HAHAHA I've been using mine for 4 years, I want a new one.

  2. OH Rest In Pieces, I mean, Peace, I mean PC. Whatever. LOL

  3. I'm honoured to have my name appear in your blog.

  4. >.< Just bought a new one recently, but I'm still using the old one. =]

  5. get a new need to be sad...get over it and find a replacement...that's the way to go =p


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