Preverted Soft Toy

I used to think that soft toys like teddy bears are for kids and therefore should be very innocent without any stuff that is only suitable for 18 years old.

So when i saw this cute little soft toy in one of my friend's room, i thought it was like all the other soft toys we normally find. Cute and innocent. 

The "cute" and "innocent" horsie soft toy

Guess what? They don't make soft toys like they used to in my days. I guess it has something to do with the sex education or trying to increase the birth rate or something like that. Because once i turned the soft toy i saw this !!!

Can you see it? Maybe i should zoom closer.

Wow, the horse is a HE!!

P/s: For those who are still blur, the horse has a male private part. Can't really always see this in majority of soft toys :p


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