Missing but not Gone

Finally after being missing for so long, i'm finally back and blogging. Of course, my vow to at least blog once per day has been shattered into many pieces by now but you can't really blame me though. My ability to go online is very geographically dependent. In a small town like Ipoh, the internet connection here, particularly the broadband 56k Streamyx, the speed is so slow until it takes 5 minutes to just load my Facebook home page. 

Can you imagine that? 5 minutes!

Well, luckily i'm not the only one who's complaining about the speed. Thanks to my sister, my parents finally relented and bought her the cheapest alternative, DiGi Internet! Of course, it's still not as fast as the connection at Singapore and i don't know how it compares to Maxis and Celcom, but at least my Facebook page don't take a whole 5 minutes to load now.



  1. i think it's high time for me to switch to Digi then...my celcom doesn't live up to its claim..hmm

  2. Malaysia is a sad country, and has a sad internet connection. FML~

  3. Dude...digi is good and all, just be careful bout the quota...once you hit the quota, you can kiss the speed good-bye...

  4. All internet service providers in Msia suck....

  5. Is digi good? What's the speed you get?

  6. This one must have sim card?


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