Laptop Woes

 This post is a continuation from: I Should Have Used A Protection

My computer is still on life support after getting the laptop version of AIDS. Where the immune system of the laptop, the anti virus software, fails and even the simplest bug of some kind can make it go Boomz. Which means i cannot go online and update this blog or risk catching some malevolent bug that can send my computer straight to the cemetery. You can say i'm giving my computer some sort of quarantine that we humans get when we're diagnosed with some sort of deadly virus. Or the lack of immune system, in my case.

This is basically the state my laptop is in now

Well, at least i'm in NUS now, one of the places where you can find loads of computer experts. After a series of discussion, most of the experts agree that my computer is beyond salvageable. They all agree that i should just reformat my computer because the disease that my computer got is beyond repair. Unless if i want my computer to become a walking zombie literally.

So i guess it's time to say bye bye to all my computer games. 

Not to mention that i'll need to reinstall my anti virus software and Microsoft Office again. Ugh, i think i'm just gonna throw everything to D drive next time and only leave Windows in C to save all the trouble and considering how many times my computer is falling sick. Well, let's hope that at least after reformatting, i can go back to normal blogging and no more tech rantings!

And to reaffirm what i said in the last post, USE PROTECTION! If not you'll end up regretting like me.


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