I'm being haunted...

I think i'm being haunted.
For one year now it has been constantly disturbing the peacefulness of my life. Everywhere i go, i can feel its presence. It has been wreaking havoc on my life, making me unable to function normally.

And this is the thing that has been haunting my life...

If i get another C+ for another subject i'm taking, i'm seriously gonna find an exorcist.

p/s: Yesterday was result day :p


  1. time to change ur modus operandi man. and bathe in air limau^^

  2. not air lima la Glo-w, its air bunga. hehe.

  3. C?? hmm, get a Crucifix when ur in the exam hall... shud fix the prob i guess..

  4. lol i really thought you were haunted. I also used to hate having C+ grades. Used to get that most of the time -___-. No exorcist can help =D


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