Hola, Senorita!

Estoy Buzz Lightyear! Te ves guapa esta noche.
(Yeap, i'm sure our face were like Woody's when Buzz switched modes or if you have no idea what i'm talking about, watch the movie! The sentence up there is in Spanish, by the way.)

 After reading numerous reviews everywhere about Toy Story 3 praising how good it is, i finally had my chance when i was back in Ipoh! At first, i thought that the movie wouldn't be that good as you know, the quality of the movies normally tend to degrade as more sequels come out. Two of the best examples would be Shrek and SAW. All the sequels seem to be like attempts by the producers to hold on to their money making machine as long as possible. And when movies are made solely with this purpose, you tend to fall asleep when you're watching the movies.

Why can't they make Fiona in Shrek like her? Then maybe i'll watch Shrek.
Luckily, the people at Disney and Pixar did not disappoint. Not only was the movie on par with the previous two Toy Story, i can say that Toy Story 3 can be considered the best. There's so many different toys adding their unique flair to the movie, the plot keeps you glued to the seat and i'm laughing so hard the whole movie my mouth hurts. And watching the movie brings back memories. The days where playtime seemed so enjoyable and where imagination is only the limit.

A definite must watch! An 8/10!

And YAY to true love in Toy Story 3!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA....LOLZ...TAT SHREK GIRL REALLY PRETTY LEH...lol...you dont watch shrek?? the final chapter is awesome...erm..mayb i also i din watch the previous shrek..LOL..and i agree with you, saw is getting boring and boring...

  2. love spanish buzz, feel free check my post as well for toystory3 =P


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