He's back! And it's funnier than ever!

Remember a post that i wrote a few days earlier about this guy who asked me about my height and weight? (http://cherhong90.blogspot.com/2010/06/stalker-or-am-i-just-unfriendly.html) Guess what, he's back again! And this time, i think it's not me who's feeling weird about this guy anymore. I tried to be friendly, like how my mum and my high school moral lessons usually teach me. But well, when someone starts to ask you funny things, you'll start to think funny too.

Below are the example of conversation we had in MSN. Am i bad for posting it up for the whole world to see? Nah, i don't think so. Besides, it's free entertainment! 

FYI, that is the second time we're chatting on MSN. I certainly wouldn't mind if this guy happens to be a hot babe, but too bad i'm attached at the moment. But honestly, how many people would ask someone whom they have not met before to swim on their second time chatting online. And if you've noticed, my constant questioning of his intention of asking me for a swim scored a zero. The swimming trunk part did not help much either. To make matters worse, see how he ended the message:-

Somehow, i think i'm sending a subtle message that i'm attracted to guys.
Well, at least some people thinks i'm handsome, albeit in a wrong way. But never mind, i can live with that.


  1. why do you have such a weirdo in your msn contact list!


  2. Ohhh Gods, why i cant understand his sentence except swim, trunks, sentosa. =x


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