Facebook's Somewhat Annoying New Feature

Is it me or is there a new and somewhat annoying feature in Facebook? I don't know about other accounts but recently whenever i try to do something in Facebook, the word verification thingy keeps popping up. You know, the feature that requires you to type out some words displayed prove yourself to be a living human and not some robot who sends out spam messages. Last time, i only get these word verification thingy only if i wanted to post my blog link into my Facebook page. Somehow, something changed in Facebook and i'm supposed to verify words whenever i do some normal things like:-

Sending a message (screens-shoted as a proof)

And approving a friend request...

Is it just my account, or are you having the same problem too? 

Well, I'm guessing that it's part of Facebook's new privacy policy. If im not mistaken, i remember reading about this large group of people complaining about how flawed Facebook's privacy policy is and threatening to quit if Facebook don't do something about it. Looks like they got their wish and i have to increase the number of times i have to prove that i'm not any malicious robot with evil intention to take over the world through spam messages in Facebook.

Oh well, i'm not complaining. It's very understandable because of the recent free iPad message circulating in Facebook currently. I guess hackers can't help it just have to make our lives a tad more miserable ( don't hack my blog for this!! >.< ) sometimes. But that's just for the message part.

On the other hand, I just can't seem to understand why we need to verify words when approving a friend request? Because if i were a robot with evil intention, i'm guessing no one would really want to add me and even if they add me, they would know that i'm an evil robot. What could i gain?
Anyone mind enlightening me?

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