What To Do After Exams!

Exams is finally FINISHED!!! 
To commemorate this extremely joyous event and my return to freedom, i have put together a list of activities that i want to do to in remembrance of this historic date. Yeah! 3 friggin' months of freedom!

1. Participate in a mass textbook burning activity (and pray that i do not get hunted down by environmentalists or get sued by Greenpeace).
Just joking. I prefer much more to sell the books and get some reimbursement for all the torture those pesky textbooks gave me

2. Watch Glee and finally get to understand what is the whole hype about.

3. Find out who the heck is SNSD. Or is it SNDC? SNCC?

4. Try to reduce my level of fame in DOTA. By fame i mean people will run away from being in my team every time they see me

5. Clean my room, my fan, my table, my computer, my shoes and my bed. Oh, i forgot myself too

6. Get serious with my blog! One month must at least earn 10 bucks! I'm gonna start by registering for more blog websites that help to earn money. For example this cool website called LinkFromBlog. $$$$$
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7. Finally put into action my 100 Steps Plan to Chase Scarlett Johansson!!!

Ok, maybe not.


  1. Haha! In SG I just started my school year but totally wishing to be in your position right now.

  2. scarlett johansson! woots! =D

  3. @ Jan: U will soon lol

    @ Ken: Yeah!

  4. haha. all the best man! and i haven't glee yet. =(

  5. lol...i think GLEE will do :-P


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