Rambo fighting Jealous Stalkers?

Somehow i have the tendency to attract jealous boyfriends, admirers and stalkers of my friends all the time. If you all have been following my blog for some time now, i'm sure some of you will remember about my LOL posts about the jealous Philippine boyfriend.
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This time, after getting attached, i have to deal with the jealous-angry-boyfriend again. Only this time the jealous-angry-boyfriend took the form of a stalker-rumor-spreader-idiot. Just 3 days into my relationship with Wei Wen, i'm already battling rumors of me having a girlfriend in Singapore and i'm a player (ermmmm??). Not satisfied with that, the stalker-rumor-spreader-idiot (let's call him SRSI) also proceeded to send an email to me.
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For those who cannot see the message, it basically writes:- 

"Hello. I'm from Sam Tet. First of all would like to say congratulation to you to have Wei Wen as your girl friend. Actually, it is not a good thing. It is because Wei Wen is still struggling for her Form 6. She's not stable at all. Next, she can't really pay full attention in her studies, dreaming all the time. Besides that, she does not like to have a partner which is in long distance, like other girls do. Sometimes, her emotion is not stable too and she's just 17, not yet 18. For now, I think study is very important for her as she's in the first class of Biology in Sam Tet. 2 years of STPM studies are not like others. It is not easy. If can, she wants to be a doctor. She just started her studies. If she has no strong basic knowledge, she might not survive in STPM, which means a 3.8 student. She would like to study in NUS too. If she can do well, she might get a nice place in NUS and you both can be together. It's too young for her. I'm not here to break your relationship but just telling you the situation rationally. I'm her friend and I care for her, and I do, care for you. Hope you enjoy your life in Singapore and study well. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely."
LOL right? A random guy writing to your email complaining to you about your new girlfriend. I must admit that i'm not very experienced in love matters and i'm not sure whether receiving rumors and angry emails are part of the package of getting attached. Common sense dictates that it is best if i ignore the email. For entertainment purposes (and of course of the sake of my gf), however, i decided to reply the email.

"Dear Diamond Ring (or whatever your name is since you did not include it in the email),

Thank you for your congratulations (or rather not) and your concern in regards of me getting attached to Wei Wen. I must say you have provided me with much information (that i did not ask for) about Wei Wen and i must thank you for being such a good friend (pun intended) of hers to back-stab her in front of me. However, i think you're missing a few important points in your email that i would like to seriously highlight to you.

One. She's my girlfriend. Which means no matter what others (especially good friends like you, pun intended again) tell me about her, i still trust her. When i chose to start this relationship, i know what are the risks and what am i getting into. And as her boyfriend, no matter what she does or how bad she is, i will still love her. Because that is what makes her special. And FYI, i must say you really suck at back-stabbing. The next time you want to do it, please include more concrete proof rather than just making false allegations. Take a picture. Or show me her grades. Then maybe i'll believe you. Maybe.

Second. I am an ex-Form 6 student myself. So i know what is Form 6 life like. There's is no need for you to lecture me on how hard life could be. If a slacker like me can go through SMI (which in the eyes of you Sam Tet boys sucks) without a scratch and even proceeding to NUS with a girlfriend my entire life in Form 6, i'm sure Wei Wen will do fine. Plus, even i have not yet start to worry, why should you?

Thirdly, please stop harassing both me and Wei Wen. I'm not sure if you're the same guy who keeps text-ing Wei Wen's mum hoping to win her mum over and keeps hanging out her house but i'm pretty sure you're the same guy. Stop. I don't know what Wei Wen did to make you go crazy over her (because i assume that medic students, as who you claim you are, studying in UNIMAS should be quite smart) but please slap yourself 2 times on your cheeks and wake up. There more you try to wreak havoc in this relationship, the more loser you become in my eyes. Why not just save some respect (or what's left of it) for yourself and act like a man. 

And please don't act as if you know everything and you're doing this for the good for the both of us. It would just make you look stupider. But well, at least you can get featured in my blog. And guess what? You'll be famous! I hope that is what you want. Because i seriously can't stand you already for bullying my gf.

Get a life dude.

Yours sincerely,
(At least i dare to include my name)"

Sometimes getting into a relationship just make me feel like Rambo trying to fight off all the evil people to protect his girlfriend. Okay, he was not protecting his girlfriend, but you get the idea.

Maybe i should just bomb his house.


  1. nice blog n n3..visit mine if free k.;D

  2. lol...could it be her mom's who wrote the email??

  3. haiyooo...will read later..too long..today busy wooo...

  4. well the mum wouldn't be from sam tet..

  5. LOL people caring for her friend ma XD

  6. chill man. i know what it feels like to be in a long-distance relationship.. juz go with the flow.. cheers man!! =)


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