My Video Prize Money! T.T

Sie Wee is playing love songs for some wedding thing next to me while i'm half emo-ing (means i'm kinda down in the dumps) after realizing that my video is not gonna win any prizes after all. To cut the story short, i participated in a video competition entitled "What Makes A Young Champion" recently. Like the title suggests, we're required to make a video about what we think is a young champion and the winner could walk away with SGD 1000! That's more than enough to cover my expenses for my 3 months stay in Singapore.

The sad thing is that i think that my submission got disqualified because it is not uploaded in the voting page of the competition. To make things worse, there's even videos like this which were uploaded to the voting page:-

I'm not trying to doubt the credentials of the judges, it's just that i feel so unsatisfied seeing all the effort put into the video go to waste. Maybe i should have gone with the idea of juggling chainsaws or self-praise in front of the webcam instead.

Of course, competition is a competition. Can't really question all the decision made. I'm just sad that the prize money is flying away. Well, i gave it my best shot and i have no regrets. Maybe next time then.

My Video Submission:


  1. wah...alot of efforts hor...hope u win!! :-)

  2. wow..nice bro..hope u'll win too

  3. heyo.. im one of the student organisers, and i'd just like to say that the reason your video was disqualified was due to the copyright issues with the music being used :( otherwise you are right... your video is definitely more worthy than the 2 you linked to in the blog post :P

  4. @anonymous: yeah i heard. thanks for taking the effort to inform me though, i hope u will not be pissed of at my rantings up there. it just after all, some random rantings.


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