My Very Own Movie Screening!

When i was a kid, i had this dream of becoming a famous actor one day. I wanted to be famous and handsome as the celebrities i see on TV, receiving applauds and cheers wherever they go. I couldn't think of any other life purpose besides being a handsomely famous actor. Blame it on too much television watching.

Sadly, like all other childhood dreams, my fantasy of becoming a handsomely famous actor did not come true. Roughly a decade ahead, i'm nowhere near entering showbiz, but rather i was stuck in university as a Psychology student. So when Kana, my hostel's Videography Wing director, approached me and ask whether if i could be the main actor for a short film he is doing, it's not really surprising that my heart leaped and shouted a loud yes. Of course, i did not do it publicly, had to keep my cool now that i'm an actor.

And thus, Irreversible is born!

Thanks to Peng Xiang, we even had a cool poster!

The story is roughly about how an old man who has a brilliant scientist wife who invented a time reversing machine. This old man accidentally used the machine on himself one day and well, he became young again. And what does a young man do after being old for so many years? He flirts! 
Tsk tsk tsk, typical guys. 

Story aside, the short film was then eventually submitted by Kana to the Singapore Short Film Indie Festival or something like that. We didn't win anything, sadly, but at least they chose to screen our movie at the Singapore Arts Museum. And we thought why not? I'm certainly not gonna miss out my very own first movie screening and together with Kana, Chaoqian, Gao Jie and Hadi, we went for the screening.

And of course, going for my own first movie premiere, i must wear something befitting the occasion.
Just joking.

Singapore Arts Museum, where the movie screening of the films who did not win were held

We had trouble locating the exact place of the event when we reached. Not surprising, considering that it's not screening for champion films, and the person in charge eventually got fed up with us for our constant questioning of "Where is our film?".

Figuring out the exact location using the event booklet after gotten chased away by the person in charge.

Turns out that including a very loud theme song could be very helpful in locating a place when you're lost. Because we could hear the song once it started playing and we had no trouble figuring out where it's coming from.

Look, Mum! I'm on the screen!

And i even had fans, mum!

We didn't last very long watching our film though. One of the main reason is because our film is a tad too funny, in a bad way, and the other reason is we do not want to be known that we were there. In case someone notices us. So what did we do? We ran away!!
(Running away after your own movie screening, that's a new thing too)

Look at Kana who was already like 100 feet away from the SAM.

Kana: "We are not running away because we are scared or embarrassed. It's just that lunchtime is near."

Well, though the movie screening did not end the way i expected with a lot of claps and cheers and me being chosen as the best male actor, at least there are still people who came and supported our film.

Turns out that SHE was having an autograph section that day nearby SAM.
And i thought they were there to support me =(

Couldn't get a real picture of SHE because they were 2 hours away and you know how stars always arrive late. So i guess i have to settle with a picture of them on screen at least.

Thus, the disappointment of losing to SHE concludes my very own movie screening day. Of course, like they old people used to say, failure is the mother of all success. Therefore i shall not give up because one small bump and i will continue on until i reach my dream!
Next target, OSCARS!


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