My "Overseas" Experience

Hey dear readers,
          After a tough battle over at exams and after countless hours of DOTA-ing after that, i finally think i should take a break. A break away from my computer, that is. I'm pretty sure any more time spent on my computer playing DOTA will inevitably result in me being shipped to China and undergo the "anti-computer games" boot camp.
          Spending my three months vacation in some Chinese boot camp is definitely not a good idea, which is why i decided to pack up my bags and go for a vacation "overseas"! Furthermore, aside from my home country, the only other country that i have been to before is Singapore and that is why the "overseas" vacation sounds good.
          So me and my friends, packed our bags, boarded the airplane and started off our trip "overseas"! First stop, Taiwan! Heard that the food there is really nice.

Ok it's not the real Taiwan. It's just some restaurant called Formosa Delights that serves Taiwan food.

          After the Taiwanese meal, we boarded the flight again and head out to our real destination, Sweden!

 Flight Eunice-trying-to-be-cute-behind 1108H

We heard that Sweden is a very nice place to visit and hence our choice. However, due to our limited resources and budget, we found out that the price to the real Sweden is way too out of our "below 10 dollars" range. Not wanting to let the vacation go to waste, we decided to settle for something much more affordable. Some place near where we can still soak in the Swedish experience. Some place called IKEA!

IKEA is highly influenced by it's country of origin, Sweden. Even it's blue and yellow colors are a resemblance of the Swedish national colors!

One thing we realized about Sweden once we stepped in into IKEA is their sleeping culture. Apparently Swedish people likes to sleep a lot. This is evident enough due to all the comfy beds around the showroom. Even us could not resist the urge of sleeping like the Swedes do. Especially Kok Weng.

We call him the "Ultimate Bed Tester". Because he managed to lie on every single bed available in IKEA. He is even so successful in bed testing until the all the girls joined him. Lucky fella.

Maybe being a photographer is not that good after all because you'll miss out on things like this.

Of course, we can't be sleeping all the time during our vacation. It would be such a waste of time.
We also immersed ourselves in some outdoor activity! Like enjoying the local flora...

 IKEA's Swedish cactus
(Cactus does grow in Sweden, don't they?)

They have overly grown leaves 0.o

...and meeting some cute wildlife along the way.

 The cat that looks like Night Fury from the movie How To Train Your Dragon according to my friend

Two scary cute Pigs and an Ah Ma posing with a flower behind

And of course, we also did not gave up the chance to tried out some great Swedish food.

Baked Chicken Drumstick

Almond Cake

I found out the hard way that baked chicken drumstick and almond cake do not agree well in my stomach. Either that or almonds are very good at getting things from your stomach out. Or it could be the Taiwan and the Swedish food forces are having an intense war in my stomach. Because i had to visit the toilet straight away after that.

Trying to shift the war away from my stomach to the toilet bowl

Before we left, we also wanted to buy a souvenir as a remembrance of our trip. What better souvenir to buy other than one with a Swedish name and is made from Sweden?

HÃ¥bol, by the way, is some random place in Sweden. But it happens to be a box in IKEA

The souvenir we bought did not turn to to be easily carried though.

Sexy Kok Weng Box Carrying Pose

By the end of the day, we were all tired. Tired because of our "overseas" trip and all the fun we had. The box carrying was also one major factor but well, can always take it as an exercise. Didn't know that visiting IKEA could be so much fun if you do it together with friends. Provided you also bring a camera, that is. We brought a 50D camera for all the photo taking purposes. Would also like to thank IKEA, Alexandra Road, Singapore, for not catching us and chasing us away for all the photo spamming in their premises.

And i finally can brag to my friends that i went Sweden! 
Well, sort of.


  1. I love Ikea!
    We have a lot of huge Ikea here in Norway too!

  2. yeah! hard to believe it's just a furniture store

  3. hahahha funny post about overseas :) u remind me about my globalisation lecturer who says now everything is within reach because of globalisation and he loves singapore :)

    dr sean cassidy, i will miss your lecture when im back home!!!

  4. lols...i think food is the best way to experience any coulture^^ So through food i've visited Japan, I taly, Spain, Indonesia, Korea, Arab, India, China, Indonesia, Australia, US, Germany, Russia, o.O" i'm a globe trotter^^ lols...

  5. oversea restaurant issit.. lol =P

  6. very funny. Always love the sweden vacations in IKEA.

  7. @ulricng: Thanks! yeah thanks to globalization, we can enjoy many aspects of the world without going far

    @Glow: High five, globe trotters!

    @Ken: Yeah lol

    @Hilda: Thanks!

    @Kia Tang: Yeap. IKEA makes buying furniture fun!

  8. lol..i cant help but laugh at ur last pic!! :-P

  9. taiwan and sweden..
    not bad..
    next stop perhaps japanese??
    or even france? (bukit tinggi)

  10. lol... Ikea in "Sweeden"?

    btw the cat might be look like from the movie "Alice in Wonderland" :D

  11. Haha living the dream... literally. Btw, nice blog u hv here.

  12. dun sleep too much in the IKEA beds la xD I love the furnitures from IKEA.

  13. @wtf: too bad that wasn't me

    @Kwong Fe: Next stop, USA! @McDonalds

    @Sonny: hmm yeah too... but the cat from alice is not black at least

    @chris: thanks chris!

    @victor: same too, IKEA rocks!


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