My 1+ day KL Trip

My friend asked me whether i wanted to go KL to help him on NUS welcome tea ceremony. I will be in Singapore during that period. Plus i need to return immediately after that welcome tea. Which means i will be stuck in a bus most of the time covering hundreds of kilometers in 2 days.

I said yes anyway.
I love doing random stuff.

And KL could be so fun. Because there's so much things to do. Things like:-

Sitting in a real empty bus from SG to KL

Getting stuck in a typical KL traffic jam

Went to a restaurant called Madam Kwan's at KLCC...

...and did not realize how expensive the foods can get there. It's RM 15.30 for a frigging nasi lemak!! Gosh...

Guess what is this?

It's a phone! (I thought it was a remote control! Tried to switch on the TV with it >.<)

Walked to Concorde Hotel and KLCC with a bunch of reds.

Participated in the NUS welcome tea. I'm finally a university undergraduate senior. Sobs... i never thought i could have the chance to enter university and stayed for so long

Look at all the future NUS Malaysian freshmen!
Anxious future students along with anxious parents of future students

Gave a talk to the future freshmen regarding hall life in NUS. Promoted Eusoff Hall, of course. Too bad i got nervous halfway and gg-fied the rest of the speech. Well, couldn't say i'm any good speaker to begin with.

The rest of the NUS MSL welcome tea team!

Spent a large portion of money on meal again. These "things" cost me RM 24.95. Grr...

And last but not least, i also witnessed a historic event! Guess what was that?

Independence Day!



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