Mummy, i'm working!

I currently have a screwed up schedule now. I'm more like a working person now because i have to wake up at 9 am everyday, start my work with my hall's/hostel's orientation committee and end work at around 5 pm. My parents will be proud of me. I have already got myself sort of an internship immediately after my first year of study. Too bad the job is voluntary. 
Well, i could always use some job training before i go for the real internship.

Welcome to the EHOC (Eusoff Hall Orientation Committee) Office! As you can see we have to bring our own laptops to work as the boss did not supply us :(

Our work include writing LOTS of proposals, with so many words to churn out that even all my assignments from my first year in university cannot cannot beat it. An average proposal that we have to write is over 60 pages long! Imagine that. I think by the time the orientation finishes, i'll already be a well established writer.

Maybe i should consider yet another career change to become an author and write a bestselling novel.

My upcoming book: Lukey Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Written by Lukey Rolling!

Then i can retire from university and be rich (again) ! Maybe even act in the movies and be famous!

P/s: Sleeping at 4 am and waking up at 9 am can seriously induce you to day dream. 


  1. please please cast me in the movie too..please...:-P

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  3. waking up at 9am is nothing la...i have to wake u p at 7:30...i have class from 9 to 5 pretty much everyday...but yeah, i wanna be in the film too...not just wtf!!!=p


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