*In High Pitch* Happy Birthday Twinnies Onggg !!

 Birthdays are very important. Especially when the birthday hits an auspicious number like the 18th or 21st. And since my friend, Xian You, produced a very awesome video as a present to the two girls hitting 21 a few days ago, Erin and Eunice, or better known as the Twinnies, the competitive nature in me decided to dedicate a birthday post to both of you. Although it might be a bit late though  =P

Xian You's Video For The Twins

Before i start the post, of course the main actresses must first be introduced. Introducing the pretty and cutesy twin girls, Twinnies Ong!

Ops, sorry, wrong pair of twins.
The authentic pair of twins is here.
Erin and Eunice with the birthday present we gave. Specially designed T-Shirt!

The back of Erin's shirt. Those people represent us who gave her that shirt!

The back of Eunice's shirt. 
The remaining people who did not get featured in Erin's shirt get's a place on Eunice's shirt

As i don't have the superb music composing skills like Xian You and as i can never sing without going way out of tune, i have do what i do best as an additional birthday present. A blog post!

 "Alright, alright, listen to Mr Lukey now as he starts his special edition birthday rant..."

Turning 21 is a big thing. Because 21 means having the license to do things you can never to before when you were young. Things like:-


Helping to do a part for society. Like helping a friend who sucks at Dance Dance Revolution

Spending loads of time on a video console without getting nagged by mum

Indulging in simple pleasures of life like this brownie with ice-cream

However, although growing older is always associated with growing wiser and becoming more mature, some attributes in yourselves are best left unchanged. Attributes like:-

Acting cutesy! Because we could all use some cuteness aura sometimes.

Plus keeping up the "Whatever" attitude!

In conclusion, (feels like writing essay here),
Happy belated Birthday, Erin and Eunice!
Hope our friendship lasts as long as time permits! And hope two of you would always remain happy in life!

The Ever Handsome Author of Lukey's Rantings,


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