I'm Gonna Photoshop Myself!

Girls really have it easy in life. Especially in the blogging world.

While us male bloggers have to squeeze and twist our brain to come up with an entertaining post, female bloggers have it much easier. Just post a few Photoshopped pictures of yourself and you'll have people flocking to your blog. Which got me thinking, if the girls can do it, why can't the guys?

Like they say, if you can't beat them, join them. So for today's post, i'm gonna turn myself from this :-

The oh-so-not-handsome Lukey

into something like this! :-

 Cheesie!  Look so pretty right? No wonder all the guys flock to her blog.

Transforming in progress... 0%
... 10%

... 20%

... 46%

... 67%

... 92%


Ready or not, introducing the new, prettier handsome-er and Photoshopped Lukey!
Just like all the female bloggers out there!


Hmm... i think i'm doing something wrong here.


  1. Nampak biru......jangan jadi blue boy dah, hahaha. Ikut blog u jugak.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA, at first i tot you wanna ps into chessie..LOL...manatau avatar pulak..hahahahahaha


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