Mother's Day Dedication

My first academic in NUS end finally came to an end yesterday. Cannot really imagine that i have been a student in a foreign land for a year already. Time does flies.Not gonna get all emotional, though. Yeah, i shared a lot of good and bad memories but life goes on. Will write an emo post about my first year when i have the time.

There's a more pressing matter i have to settle first though. As if you all know, unless if you do not have a mother, yesterday was Mother's Day. Not wanting to be labeled as bad son, i sent a message back to my mother wishing her a happy mother's day.
Five or six hours later, my dad called me. I thought it must be because my dad wanted to praise me for remembering Mother's Day. Instead of praises, i got a one big lecture on how can i forget Mother's Day and getting labeled as a bad son now. You can imagine how blur i was during that time and my attempts at trying to justify that i have sent the message did not work out well.

As my sister or my brother or my dad reads my blog occasionally, i would like to say Happy Mother's Day again. By again i really meant that i had really sent an earlier message.
But anyways, Happy Mother's Day mum!
(Don't worry i'm coming home tomorrow, you can lecture me for all you want that time)

Btw, i found out the problem. I have accidentally sent the message to a wrong number. Sorry, mum!


  1. bad boy... how could you send message to a wrong number? haha! :P

    btw, Happy Mother's Day! :D

  2. Lols..u owe ur mom a treat! ^^

  3. Poor Dori.. Daddy's gonna spank u now.. :P

  4. hahaha ! Where got ppl send msg to mum send wrong number one ! XD XD

  5. @wtf: yeah, my mum blasted me like there's no tomorrow

    @Glow: sure i do :p

    @Sonny: too blur already i guess

    @Dewi: Sigh... >.<

    @Shuwen: got ah... me lo

  6. u sent the msg to a hot ger and called her mom instead.... really kill 2 females with one stone liao

  7. @Goldfish: I wished the hot girl would respond though

    @Hilda: lol thanks

  8. Wa, send to wrong number somemore XD

  9. lol, an innocent mistake, but kena lecture. I think that's what DADS do. Make sure send him ten smses on father's day haha.


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