Where There's Chocolate, There's Bound To Be People - ECF Exam Blessing

Finally, my blog is gonna use some high quality pictures taken using a DSLR!
But i'm also gonna include some photos from my handphone also :p 
The quality difference from both the cameras is so wayyyyyy apart

After talking about this Chocolate Fondue event that i was preparing for in three posts already, finally it's here! As an introduction, the event was jointly organized by the Eusoff Christian Fellowship and Eusoff Catholic Cell Group as an effort to help the hostel students not to feel so stress due to the looming exams.

Aside from the delicious chocolate fondue that people can eat with fruits, cakes, marshmallows and waffles, there's also live band performance (which is where i come in) and also a cool environment to chill out. Enough of blabbering, let the pictures do the talking!

I like this photo! Courtesy of Eusoffworks, the most awesome media wing in the whole NUS. It's either Huang Hua or Jason Teh who took this photo.

Does this look like chocolate or "something else" to you?

 We even enlisted the help of Mr Disco Ball to make the environment awesome-er!

Somehow i felt that the environment is kinda similar to the environment you'll find in the high class restaurants during Valentines Day period. Plus there's lots of chocolate available! Won't be surprising if the event is suddenly filled with couples. Romantic-mah.

On my opinion, the event was a success!
Look at all the people who turned up to support us. Especially their happy faces!

I guess there's a saying that goes, "Where There's Chocolate, There's Bound To Be People".
Which explains the amount of people who came.

Oh, and let's not forget the awesome band too!
It's awesome because i'm part of it! XD

That's me looking cool with the bass guitar.
Truth to be told, i'm just a newbie at it. It's the picture that made me look awesome.

This is our violinist, Mr Cho Myung Sik, manufactured in Korea, assembled in Indonesia and imported by ECF in Singapore for this event! Wish i could play violin like him. Bet there would be droves of girls lining up wanting to be my girlfriend. XD

Ms Sarah Tan, our lead vocalist.

Tan Chee Eng, my big boss plus the guitarist and the Kajun-ist.

Of course, we must also thank the behind the scenes people, though not scene, but still really important in making the event a success! Without their contribution, there would be no chocolate and no awesome photos and awesome sound effects and awesome environment!

A big thank you to the people who prepared the food and the chocolate, sitting there and resisting the temptation to just eat everything. To be honest, if i were the one cutting the fruits, i will eat everything that i cut.

And here is Mr Teh Jason, our dear photographer. Don't you think he looks cute when taking photograph? Oh, and there's Miss Huang Hua also who helped. She's the one who took this photo showing Mr Jason Teh in his famous cute pose.

And also Mr Ng Kok Weng, the photographer turned videographer just to help me.

And also Mr Lim Xian You! Well, actually he's not part of the original team who is in charge of overseeing the sound. He offered to help when we did not have enough people. I'm including his photo because he looks dang awesome with that Sony earphone. Besides, i'm starting a scandal for him as the photographer who took his photo admits that she has a "fetish" for Mr Xian You. Guess who?

By the end of the day, or night, we had loads of fun.

I even ate so much chocolate til i was having chocolate phobia already. How many people would have the chance of eating chocolate til they're scared? The only downside was i had to drink loads of water to negate the heat effect coming from too much chocolate consumption.

Not only that, I even got the chance to play with the DSLR Camera!

Turns out i can take good photos too! Just one out of the dozens i took anyway. But i like it!

Photo of Andrew and Handy performing.

That's it for now, i guess. Really hope that there's event like this again next year where we get to chill out, talk cock and most importantly, eat chocolate!!! Awesome!

"Awesome" word count: 100+


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