There Is No Right or Wrong

I'm messed up, angry, confused, i don't know.
Somehow i get annoyed easily when people do not share the same views or principals as me. And try as i might, i cannot bring myself to see things from that person's point of view.

For example, i think that a couple should not get together sooooo CLOSE until you close your friends out and act as if nothing happened after that. The world does not only revolves around your partner. And neither can you choose to not care about everything, including friends whenever your partner is around. Then acting as if what you did was totally correct, forsaking your friends for your partner and expecting your friends to understand.

Sorry, but i can't.

Try as i might, i can't.

I dunno why.
Maybe i have to erase the definition of what is right and wrong for me and live as if there is no right or wrong.
Because the definition of what is right and wrong is so relative. It really depends on how a person see it and sometimes, you can't really force another person to accept your morals.

Yeah, so forget what i said up there.
I was just ranting.
There's no right of wrong in this world, really.

So why bother?


  1. Hey! Guess it's my first time here...
    Doing right, even though its unpopular. - That's courage.
    Cheer up, Luke!

  2. I had friends who were like that too. All I can say is love is blind.

  3. @Stephen: Totally agree with you, dude. And welcome!

    @Chean: Lol, but too much le

  4. there's always an option to "agree to disagree"


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