Screwed up hostel politics

Recently the politics in my hostel is getting more and more screwed up.
It's officially turned into a full fledged war between the two sides with all us neutral people stuck in the middle of the crossfire.

I just cannot understand why as people coming from the same hostel, we are so unwilling to budge from our stand and try to look at things differently from the other side of the fence. Somehow, as much as how some people say that they are doing it for the good of the collective, it really boils down on whether their interests is secured by the candidate they are voting for.

Well, i guess this is humans right?

As long as our needs get fulfilled, who cares if you are doing it all the wrong way?
After all, if the end justify the means, we are all happy.

Or are we?

I don't know about this. But somehow, amid all the ongoing bombardment and skirmishes happening, i am still not convinced by either party involved in the ongoing war. I'm still sticking to a neutral stand.

I'm not willing to compromise my principles just because "he is the lesser evil" or "we don't have any other choices". I don't care if my friends decides to go all out for one candidate, including offering me "incentives" or mentioning a whole ton of reasons of why i should pick their choice of candidate, i just do not want to vote.

Better to let others do the dirty job right.
And since 2 of the candidates are also that "bad" as portrayed by their opponents, it doesn't matter at all who gets chosen.

I will still survive somehow.

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