Screwed up hostel politics

Recently the politics in my hostel is getting more and more screwed up.
It's officially turned into a full fledged war between the two sides with all us neutral people stuck in the middle of the crossfire.

I just cannot understand why as people coming from the same hostel, we are so unwilling to budge from our stand and try to look at things differently from the other side of the fence. Somehow, as much as how some people say that they are doing it for the good of the collective, it really boils down on whether their interests is secured by the candidate they are voting for.

Well, i guess this is humans right?

As long as our needs get fulfilled, who cares if you are doing it all the wrong way?
After all, if the end justify the means, we are all happy.

Or are we?

I don't know about this. But somehow, amid all the ongoing bombardment and skirmishes happening, i am still not convinced by either party involved in the ongoing war. I'm still sticking to a neutral stand.

I'm not willing to compromise my principles just because "he is the lesser evil" or "we don't have any other choices". I don't care if my friends decides to go all out for one candidate, including offering me "incentives" or mentioning a whole ton of reasons of why i should pick their choice of candidate, i just do not want to vote.

Better to let others do the dirty job right.
And since 2 of the candidates are also that "bad" as portrayed by their opponents, it doesn't matter at all who gets chosen.

I will still survive somehow.


  1. Ok...I didn't realize this "war" was going on in Eusoff.

    But this is my belief in hall politics (or any other kind of politics)... it is unlikely that leaders will make a significant difference in what happens in hall. I've seen it before in my Central Student Council back in high school. Admins will have their way most of the time. Unless they are full-time focused on their job as their leader, part-time leaders will always be almost non-significant as to who takes up the position.

    Just a small food-for-thought from a very cynical, sarcastic mind.

  2. Isn't this apathetic behaviour rather irresponsible for a university student?? Ignorance is a misfortune, but it's never an excuse. See things from what you observe, not from what you heard. When in doubt, explore.

  3. This is a rather apathetic behaviour that we should avoid. It may have developed over the year as politics in malaysia become "untouchable", however, ignorance is a misfortune, but not an excuse. Enjoy looking at things from different perspective, coz sooner or later you will be facing alot of choices that are neither right nor is not a true or false question.

  4. being neutral is the best.. =)

  5. @Anonymous: Thanks for dropping by! Well, guess maybe it's because none of your friends are directly involved in lobbying for your support to vote for both sides which is why you may not know

    @Des: I think you got me all wrong. It's not that i'm not voting is because i don't care but rather i'm afraid that i'll make the wrong choice. The way the election is structured in such a way that you are forced to choose between only two candidates. What happens if 2 of them are not fit to take up the post? I think that you cannot just settle it by choosing one person just because he is better than the other

    @Ken: Totally agree!

  6. whichever case if more and more people think like you, and vote "no to all", we'll keep having re-election until next year. That's not really fun right? Worst still, maybe after all this, people are so jaded that all of us will suffer for another year because no one wants to take the helm again.
    Unless of course you decide to take up the challenge and run against them?

    My principle is simple, as long as it's not too GG, I'll applaud and support all those who are brave enough to step up and take the challenge.

  7. hostel politics stinks. i see that being neutral is more of a challenge, than actually getting something done.


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