My Alarm Woes (again...)

I try and try and try to be a good neighbor.
I try to tell myself that maybe the fella is a heavy sleeper, which is why he needs an alarm that rings so loudly.

But when you have an alarm ringing constantly, waking you up from your sleep or bugging you when you're studying, you can't.
And to make the living hell worse, the owner of the alarm isn't in his room. Which means you have a frigging annoying alarm ringing in an empty room thus making the whole argument that the person is a heavy sleeper and needs a loud alarm invalid.

So banging on the bugger's door won't work.
Calling him won't work either, because for some reason the dial tone goes, "Sorry the number you called is currently unavailable, please dial again later."

Time to take a deep breath and shout this out loud and proud... FML!!!!!


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