Koala Bears Asking For Water!

I'm lazy again. But because of my resolution to at least update my blog once per day (partly because if i don't, my traffic will go way down down down down down), i will not succumb to the temptations of slacking! So here's another lazy (but good!) post again.

Went through my emails to see if Detective Lukey can once again be in action today but sadly there's no mysterious cases or hoax emails for me to crack my brains on. However, there's these pictures of these cute little fellows that i found:

The emails says that these koala bears got no other way to find water or to cool down due to the overly hot temperature in Australia. They now have no choice but to approach humans for water! How about that?

I guess the next thing you'll know would be having rats, cockroaches, dragonflies or any other "cute" creatures that we normally find around the place we're living coming into our room looking for water. Which make living in Australia so much more better. At least they have koala bears.

Okay, i guess now is a better time than never to save more electricity and do something for global warming.


  1. seems like i read this before.. =/

  2. I feel guilty for cockroaches and rats... maybe I'll just leave water for them far away. haha!

  3. @ken: really? i noe the koala part may be the same cuz is taken from the mail. cockroach part is not intended if there is any similarities

    @erwin: i prefer to just long range kill them

  4. Laughoutloud at the last picture, hahahaha! It looks so real.

  5. sooner or latter humankind will face the shortage of water.. :-((

  6. I read bout this on a forward mail before. Btw, the coackroach kinda scarry =,=""

  7. @Eve: Lol thanks!

    @wtf: Yeah and sadly don't think much we can do bout it

    @Emeryn: Really? I'm scared of cockroaches too XD


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