I have an American bio clock now T.T

I should really stop blogging after 4 am... but...

Had a great jamming session again just now for my hall's Christian Fellowship.
Enjoyed the laughs, the talk cock and not to mention the occasional slacking by the famous slacker which is me myself.
One thing that i shouldn't have done is using a laptop to read chords.
Because a guy's hands will always get itchy with a laptop around.

Turns out you can take funny pictures of yourself on the internet using just your webcam!
This really makes camwhoring a whole lot easier.

Just Google "take pictures online" and voila, you can be the Mona Lisa with a weird face or try to see how your face looks like if you were 200 kg heavier.

Normal pictures like this are so "out" already. Most people nowadays somehow like to "distort" their faces

After the jamming session, followed the gang to our favourite supper spot, Ameen Makan House.

Thought of abstaining one meal of supper before going for the practice due to my extraordinary dinner tonight that caused me quite a lot, also from Ameen.

SGD 10 ( RM 20+) Mix Grill! Had so many different kind of meats in it until it made me look like a pregnant woman after finishing the meal.

But of course, what's a jamming session without a chill out, talk cock session at mamak after the session finish? Which is why i'm still here after 4 am. LOL.

Maybe i can declare myself as half American since my bio clock is following the American time now.

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