Eusoff Hall, NUS, Singapore!

I realized that both me and Kenny Sia (Malaysia's most famous blogger, for those who don't know) started out blogging around the same time. The only difference is Kenny Sia is now a world famous blogger with each of his post getting at least 100+ plus comments while my blog occasionally attracts one or two flies. Aside from that, there is only cobwebs and dust.

You know about houses that gets haunted because it got neglected for too long and nobody visits it? I think my blog is something similar to that. If there was a Haunted Blog competition, i think mine could easily win hands down.

His latest blog post was about being invited by the Australian Tourism Ministry to visit Tasmania (for free!), sampling the local delights there (for free!), staying in a awesome hotel (for free!) and doing some cool activities like flying-fox (for free!). Best of all is it's all free!

Coming to think of it, maybe i can do an exact blog post like him about my stay in my university hostel! Well, since i'm stuck here with no other place like Tasmania to go, might as well use the situation. With the exception that i'm invited by Singapore's Ministry of Education and it's my parents are paying their a** off to cover my fees, but heck, who cares?

Introducing you to the universally designed room offered to me by the university! No need to get all jealous about your neighbor's awesome room design because both of you are sharing the same design!
Well, at least the roof doesn't leak or there's no other species (eg: cockcroach) sharing the same room with me, so it's quite okay.

The hostel also boasts an innovative toilet design! Realizing the need of constant socialization and the dangers of isolation, designers have foregone the jacuzzi, spa and bathtub designs that are so prominent in the 5 star hotels and made it a communal toilet!
You can talk and gossip about the latest news with anyone who happens to be in the toilet at the same time (bathing or shitting) which is a good thing to promote friendships among the residents! Besides, you don't have to worry about bathing alone and getting attacked by some crazed killer with a chainsaw or even a spoon!

Of course, one of the most important thing must be about the food.
One big difference about the food here and about the food you'll normally find at expensive places is that you'll normally do not dare to eat the food because it looks so nice. Here, you'll still wonder if you should eat the food, nothing to do with the food design though, it's just after the first taste of the food you'll be wondering whether it's better to stay hungry or to sacrifice your taste buds. However, sometimes the design is sufficient enough to scare you away.

Lastly, the activities that you'll be able to participate in is also an important part of the hostel life. Sadly, we do not have exciting events like flying-fox or relaxing events like visiting the spa to make the stay here more enjoyable. We do have a series of activities that is very beneficial for the mind though which is


and Studying...

Hmm okay, maybe there is a reason on why there is such a big gap between and I guess i should just go to a corner and emo there.


  1. it takes great effort to be like him.. have you read my how to be famous blogger like kenny sia? might help you kick start a bit.. =)

    all the best!

  2. Where got haunted! At least still got ppl like me visiting n commenting. Now my blog on the other hand, probably receives 1 visitor every 3-4 mths... I know coz I have a counter.....

  3. @Ken: Yeah i did read that. It's just that not everyone has the creativity like him.

    @Anonymous: Lol, guess something just can't be compared then

  4. Ahahaha.. Go emo at the corner ? :P LOL
    Well, all we need is Hard work..
    Kenny admit to spent like 10 hours on a single post.
    Talking bout determination huh? ^^
    Good Luck in your Studies! :)

  5. really depends on whether u wanna be a famous blogger...if tats ur harder lor :-)

  6. I like your last picture. Go to one corner and emo hahaha nice one!

  7. @Dewi: Lol yeah. Can't imagine myself spending 10 hours on 1 post

    @ohmywtf: Maybe i'll just stay as the not so famous blogger XD

    @hilda: Thanks! that wasn't me actually :p

  8. Hey! I heard this is the best hall at it true? I'm looking for a good hall :)

  9. Hey! I heard that this is the best hall at it true? I'm looking for a good hall :)

  10. Hey! I heard this is the best hall at it true?

  11. Hey! I heard this is the best hall at it true?

  12. @Anonymous: U bet it is a nice hall!

  13. (OAO) I tot it was you maybe. My mom copy and paste this whole blog entry in email and send me le haha. I think my room looks nicer la!

  14. whoa.. I search "Eusoff Hall" and this blog post is at the first page. ^^


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