Paper Bag Incident

I think i finally had my share of my most embarrassing moment in uni today.
There was this Physical Geography practical lab i had to attend today and it was the first lab i'm supposed to attend for this Physical Geography. The past few weeks it was the Human Geography tutorial i'm taking.
So as any famously blur person would do, i assumed it was at the same time as my Human Geography tutorial class since it was in the same place.

So there was i, walking into the class and noticing that the people in my class certainly do not look like the usual people i see in lectures.
Ignoring that, i took a seat and waited for the tutor to start the class.

My first hint of something wrong is when the tutor asked the class to split into groups to discuss Statement 1 and Statement 2. Being the blur student i am, i started to panic because i remembered that i am supposed to do something with Microsoft Excel, analyzing some temperatures for Singapore. I checked the date i'm supposed to attend the lab and i got it right, it's 15th of March. Maybe i mixed up reading something and i missed the Statement 1 and Statement 2 thingy?

So i told myself that it will be ok and followed instructions to split into groups. Besides, being in Arts and Social Science, you can basically crap through any tutorial discussion.
All hell broke loose when they started to discuss. I'm like "WTF are they talking about?!"

Of course staying two hours for the class is now not a feasible idea.
I picked up what nimble courage i had and  went to the tutor.
"Erm... excuse me, i think i'm in the wrong class. Is this Place, Environment and Society practical lab?"
"Nope, this is Changing Landscapes class."
"Is this the Geography lab?"
"It certainly is but this certainly isn't your class so bye bye."

I went back, checked the time and found out that i was 2 hours earlier for the class.
It certainly pays to have a friend taking the same class as you.

Time to take a paper bag and use it to cover my face.


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